About Berryvale

Our focus is on providing food with integrity. To that end we are proud to offer local products when available, we support GMO labeling, and we always prioritize organic. Our produce department is all either organic or from local farms transitioning to being organic. We like to offer local products when we can among our selection are local meats, chocolates, and honey. Our staff can direct you to any of these items.

A Bit of History

Two Southern California expats and a world traveler founded Pine Grove Market  in 1976 on the corner of Pine Grove and Lassen Lane. The business was previously a convenience store, selling candy, beer and cigarettes. You can still see the building on the right as you drive towards Old Stage Rd. As business grew, space ran out, it became clear that Pine Grove would need to expand.

They found our current building in downtown Mt. Shasta and completed the move in 1993. The name 'Berryvale' is a nod to one of our city's former incarnations; its first name was Strawberry Valley, then Berryvale, on to Sisson after a local businessman, before becoming Mt. Shasta in 1922. For more history visit our local museum- its also a Fish Hatchery and has rotating exhibits on the area. 

The location where Berryvale currently sits was previously a grocery store with a slightly different service model. You would bring your list of items to the clerk and they would fill your order for you! 

We've had several remodels since then, including the addition of a downstairs office and our Cafe.

Our Departments

  • Grocery
  • Chill
  • Wellness
  • Beer & Wine
  • Meats
  • Produce
  • Café

Our Staff

Having great customer service is important to us. We think our employees are the best; they're happy to recommend restaurants in town, give directions to the lake or help find the last ingredient for a recipe. The employee who has been with us the longest started when we were still at Pine Grove!