Berryvale's mission is to nourish our world through food, knowledge, and community.


Everyday at Berryvale we work tirelessly to provide the best shopping experience to our customers. But being the best natural foods grocery we can be isn't where our mission ends. We support local charities and projects to help create a strong, lasting, sustainable community we all want to be a part of.




305 S. Mt. Shasta Blvd.
Mount Shasta, CA 96067
Phone: 530-926-1576
Fax: 530-926-3666


Store Hours

Mon-Sun: 8am – 8pm

Café Hours

Mon-Sun: 8am – 7pm

Breakfast: 8am-11am
Coffee: 8am-6pm
Smoothies: 8am-6pm
Juices: 8am-6pm



Cookies available all day!




What's Coming